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This is How ROSES N ROSÉ Used btwn to Boost Their Referral Marketing Strategy

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Launched in March 2017, Roses N Rose is an up and coming indie beauty brand with fans all over social media. Ever since scaling they struggled with incorporating a good referral marketing solution to help them gain new customers by leveraging out their current customer’s recommendations. After trying other referral marketing solutions like Share a sale programs, cash-back apps – they decided to give btwn a try.


Millennials nowadays are being bombarded with tons of ads on social media, TV, internet, and with the increase in competition of the e-commerce industry, it takes more and more to stand out among other brands and gain a market share. Roses N Rose has struggled with the high cost of paid advertisement and influencer marketing and is trying to find a sustainable solution to leverage the current referrals they get from happy customers.


To be able to clearly measure ROI , leverage word of mouth referrals that were coming from social media and better engage with their customers.


Cost savings + great efficiency.
After 60 days from using the platform, the business noticed an increase in revenue from customer referrals, and was able to better engage through the mobile app. They were also able to measure ROI and provide reports to C-level executives.

roses and rose website

btwn has been great for going my brand awareness and my audience loves being able to have an incentive!

Chante Gernett  |  CEO

Increase in revenue, even during a global pandemic, made possible with btwn

We offered them a solution that will minimize their marketing efforts and maximize ROI. By leveraging word of mouth marketing, they’ll be able to build brand trust among new customers because they will hear about them from a trusted source (like friends/family). The business will also be able to increase customer engagement by being able to send notifications on through our app and into their mobile phones.

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