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Foster loyalty.
Boost your brand.

Rewarding customers boosts happiness and attracts new ones. Our solution sits btwn you and your customers, making every step easier.

Referral Bonus

Acquire new customers by offering a referral bonus


Boost customer retention, higher AOV, and greater revenue

Loyalty Cards

Build customer loyalty and increase repeat business

Automated SMS

Notify your customers of their rewards through our automated SMS system

All-in-One Tool

Boost ROI with our dashboard for insights and sales monitoring

Your All-in-One Solution
Easy to use, easy to understand

·  Pinpoint your most valuable customers, enabling target marketing strategies
·  Distinguish between new and returning customers
·  Simplify the management of loyalty programs with automation
· Access real-time metrics to eliminate guesswork from decision-making

You All-in-One Solution
Easy to use, easy to understand.

·  Identify your top buyers effortlessly, enabling targeted marketing strategies
·  Disinguish between new and returning customers
·  Simplify loyal ptogram management with control over loyalty cards and coupons
·  Eliminate guesswork and optimize decision-making processes
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Why btwn?

Effective Results

Loyal customers and referred customers tend to spend more money and stay longer at your business

Automatic Verification

Our patented technology securely verifies purchases and referrals, ensuring only verified customers receive rewards and leave reviews

Cost Effective

Referral programs leverage existing customer networks, reducing the need for expensive advertising campaigns

How It Works

Only 2 steps

1. Sign Up

- Sign up for free in under 10 minutes
- Customize your profile and rewards
- Pause anytime
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2. Promote

- Inform your customers about your referral and loyalty program
- Promote it on social media, at checkout, and in emails
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