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Print vs. Digital: Unveiling the Unique Strengths of Printed Materials and an Introduction to Sticker Mule

Chloe Choi
February 1, 2024

With the advent of digital marketing, the utilization of printed materials in marketing is decreasing. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, print advertising revenue has declined by 45 percent since 2010.Consequently, some people consider printed materials as a marketing tool of the past and believe that their influence is no longer valid. However, print continues to demonstrate its influence in marketing with its unique features.

1. Tangible Properties

Unlike digital media, print materials exist in physical form. Therefore, delivering well-designed prints to consumers triggers a sensory experience that digital advertising cannot match. It is challenging to capture consumers' attention in a digital space saturated with advertisements. However, printed materials can create a more memorable experience for consumers by engaging various senses, such as the texture and color of paper, and physically interacting with them. Therefore, using printed materials can effectively create an interesting consumer experience and leave a lasting impression.

2. Persistence

Unlike digital advertisements, which disappear when consumers scroll down or click, printed materials don't disappear. This makes it possible for consumers to possess printed materials and review them later. Consumers encounter dozens of advertisements a day in digital media. They tend to feel fatigued easily and dislike advertisements that appear on the screen in unwanted situations amid this flood of advertisements. In such circumstances, consumers can decide when to consume it, and the simplicity of printed materials, compared to digital advertisements, can offer consumers a refreshing break from digital noise.

3. Digital Marketing Complement

The combination of print and digital media yields a harmonious effect, where each medium complements the other. Integrating your offline and online strategies through cross-promotion can boost traffic and engagement across both platforms. For instance, the inclusion of QR codes on flyers provides a quick gateway for potential customers to access your digital content, effectively bridging the divide between offline and online marketing.

In conclusion, printed materials still serve as a marketing tool. Consider and utilize the best way to use print material for promotion and advertisement. It can increase brand awareness, drive conversions, and provide consumers with memorable experiences, especially when used strategically with digital media.

For those considering printed materials for promotion, let me introduce Stickermule, a fantastic printing company.

They provide not only simple flyers but also gift cards, labels, magnets,stickers, custom coasters, and acrylic signs, among other options. This diverse array of choices can turn your marketing ideas into reality in just days. Stickermule offers free online proofs, worldwide shipping, and super-fast turnaround.In addition to free worldwide shipping, they support 16 unique languages and 7currencies (ARS, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, MXN, and USD). If you're looking to promote your business with printed materials, feel free to reach out to Stickermule.

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