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Customer Engagement Tips You Wish You’d Known Sooner

Gyeongyeong Kim
July 15, 2021

Let’s start with a fact. Customers nowadays have endless options to choose from. Even if they like your product today, they can easily move on to other brands tomorrow. That’s why you need to engage your customers. Customer engagement is the key to your business. Engaged customers not only stay longer in your business and bring in more revenues, but they are more likely to refer their friends to your business and to trust your products no matter how expensive your products would be. So, read on the lists below to engage your customers and turn them into your loyal customers.

1. Create Emotional Connections

When it comes to interacting with your customers, always be genuine. Building emotional connections is the first step of the customer engagement. Introduce yourself to your customers whether it’s an email or your website. Post profile pictures of your team or share a story of the founder. Hold a strong presence online, but also be authentic. Last but not least, approach them with emotions. Just knowing that you’re a person that exists helps your customers build emotional connections with your brand.

2. Build a Brand Community.

Customer communities provide customers with a sense of community by giving them a voice. You can build your brand’s community in any type you prefer. It can be in your offline store or it can be on SNS or your business website. Identify what your customers like in common and let them talk about things they like. Are your customers interested in skin care? Let them share their experience in the community. Or do they like to travel? Ask your customers to share their travel experience. This type of experience encourages your customers to associate themselves with your brand. Not only that, they will voluntarily be your advocates.

customer engagement through social media

3. Hold a Contest

It’s time for you to return something to your customers! But, give them in a smarter way. Run a contest with great offers. Running a contest is a good way to engage your customers, but it’s also one of the best ways to attract new customers. Contests encourage User Generated Contents (UGCs) which will then increase brand awareness. For example, run a photo contest on social media. Users will share pictures of your product on their social media, and your products will naturally be exposed to friends and family of your users. Or run a giveaway, but encourage the participants to tag their friends and family.

4. Incentivize their Engagement

You can also make your customers take one step further by providing incentives. Start a loyalty stamping program of btwn that rewards customers for repeated purchases. Or join a referral program like btwn to motivate your customers to take an extra step of sharing your brand to their friends and family. Remember, there’s always a smarter way to reward your customers. Reward your customers only for growth such as repeated purchases and referrals. Invest for 100% return. One more thing, loyal or referred customers are more likely to spend more in your business.

5. Re-Engage with your Loyal Customers

Did you know that not all customer data is valued the same? Know your loyal customers through btwn group data. Re-engage with your loyal customers through exclusive coupons or invitations to special events or a product tour. You can contact your loyal customers directly through emails, social media or btwn dashboard. Don’t forget, valued customers create powerful business. They will not only have higher AOV (average order value), but they will also refer more customers to your business.

Empower Your Customers, Grow Your business

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