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7 Best College Gift Ideas 2021


If one of your family members or friends is heading off to college this year, you are probably wondering what would make a good gift to help them settle in. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top college gifts which anyone would appreciate as they head off to college this fall.

1. Gonana’s Instant Banana Bread Packets

Gonana's instant bread packs

We all know that many students heading to college have no idea how to cook, and so they’ll be looking for quick and easy meals and snacks to stop themselves from starving. These Instant Banana Bread Packets only require one banana, a mug or bowl, a microwave, and then three minutes to make the cake. They’ll make the perfect afternoon treat after a busy day of studying.

2. Leti’s Stelle Dinnerware Cereal Bowl

Leti's Stelle Dinnerware Cereal Bowl

Just because someone is heading off to college, it doesn’t mean they can’t have stylish dinnerware to use each day. When looking at college gifts, this Leti’s Stelle Cereal Bowl would be ideal for breakfasts in a rush and will make waking up each morning and heading to school just a little bit more enjoyable.

3. Neuro’s Energy & Focus Peppermints

Neuro's Energy & Focus Peppermints

There’s no denying that settling into college can be a challenge for many students. They often find that getting used to an intense study schedule can be exhausting, especially after the summer break. One of the best college gifts would be these Neuro’s Energy & Focus Peppermints, which are made using natural caffeine and L-theanine from green tea. They’ll help any student to focus their mind on the task at hand while also improving their mental endurance.

4. East Iceland Coffee Co.’s Ten Drops Dark Coffee

East Iceland Coffee Co.'s Ten Drops Dark Coffee

Coffee is one of the staples for any dorm room, and when choosing between college gifts, we encourage you to consider this East Iceland Coffee Co.’s Ten Drops Dark Coffee. This coffee has dark chocolate and soft fruit undertones with a hint of peanut butter. It’s ideal for drinking on its own or with milk, so it would be the perfect gift for any coffee lover heading off to college.

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5. Motive’s Viva Eye & Cheek Palette

Motive's Viva Eye & Cheek Palette

For girls starting college, one of the top college gifts you could give them is a beautiful make-up set. This Motive’s Viva Eye & Cheek Palette is ideal for almost any skin tone and offers a versatile palette of products for everyday use. They’ll enjoy putting on a little bit of make-up when heading to class and then glamming up even more for an evening out with their new friends.

6. Brooklyn Botany’s Dead Sea Mud Mask

Brooklyn Botany's Dead Sea Mud Mask

Self-care is something that any college student needs to think about, and this Dead Sea Mud Mask will help with that task. After a busy day of studying and working, there’s nothing better than coming back to your dorm room to relax. The great thing about this mask is that it’s ideal for any skin type and can be used each day to tackle acne.

7. Swedish Jealousy’s Pearl Lipstick

Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

When you don’t have time to put on a whole face of make-up, a quick swipe of lipstick is an easy solution. This Pearl Lipstick set would look great with any skin tone and can make you look much more awake after a busy night of studying. The two lipsticks in the set will also nourish your lips, so you won’t have to worry about them feeling dry after using this product all day.

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